What is in the new update of Symfony 2.8?

symfonyA microframework is a term made use of to describe “minimalistic internet application structures”. Developers typically link this term with “rapid and also little structures”, such as Silex. You could additionally assume of microframeworks as basic and also less-opinionated fameworks where you opt-in to the architecture-related choices. Thanks to its adaptable interior style, it has actually been feasible to utilize Symfony as a microframework because the first day. Couple of designers have actually made use of Symfony in that means since it had not been totally hassle-free.

A solitary MicroKernel course allows the packages, configures them, specifies the transmitting and also holds the controller code. If you leave out the obligatory usage imports and also the feature statements, the above instance has specifically 4 lines of PHP code. Think of that for a moment: a fully-functional Symfony application in merely 4 lines of code! The brand-new microkernel does not boost the raw Symfony efficiency, since it simply alters the method courses as well as packages are signed up. Because you are just allowing the attributes you make use of, whole lots of the attributes and also packages of the Symfony Specification Version are impaired. This clarifies the distinction viewed in the application efficiency:

The most effective aspect of the Symfony microframework is that you are creating your application on the shoulders of Symfony, implying that you will not encounter any one of the common limitations of the microframeworks. All the extraordinary Symfony functions as well as packages prepare to utilize in case you require them as your application expands. In the copying, the Hey there Globe application is increased to include Branch templating assistance, the Internet Debug toolbar and also the Symfony Profiler. The outcome is still a single-file application.

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